It is facing the lake of Orta (extreme north), where it becomes again the river Strona, as it wants to witness the strangeness of its effluent, that is the unique "pre-alpian" lake going northward. This is the centre of the great industrial area; in fact there is the Museum of arts applied to industry. The greater Italian industrial home designer Alessi, a metal turner, established its company here in 1921. He came from Strona valley. It is the romanic Voemenia, a medieval fortified village, that became free comune and then dominium of Visconti, and Borromeo (see the marvellous collegiata of S. Ambrogio). Excellent also sport and seaside plants.

Orta San Giulio

Orta represents one of the most prestigious "theatre", from which you can admire the lake of Orta, overall with its square situated on the headland. It is surrounded by ancient buildings with horse-chestnut in front, and with a glance it is possible to reach the Vescovi's Palace, and the bell tower of the Basilica of Orta S. Giulio , among the lake, the sky and houses of Pella, on the other bank. Villa Motta also faces the lake and offers an exceptional panoramic view. Among the narrow roads, wandering around it is possible to find objects in wrought iron, or taverns where they serve typical dishes based on rice and wine. There is the possibility to go to Sacro Monte (Sacred Mountain) , considered one of the most charming place in the world (Nietzesche), it is situated in a beaut iful park, a special natural reserve, among beech, limes, pines, projected and built in 1591 and entitled to S. Francesco d'Assisi. The church of S. Nicolao is surrounded by 20 chapels, containing 376 statues in earthenware, showing the life of the Saint. Very prestigious are also the frescoes of Morazzone, Della Rovere, Nuvolone, Legnanino and Cantalupi.