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Comune di Stresa



Upon arriving for the first time in Stresa tourists are offered a breathtaking spectacle. It starts with the superb view from the Lungolago, the road along the lake, which is lined with palm trees, blooming gardens, and the facades of majestic hotels. Then, turning towards the lake you will see emerging from the waters the three enchanting islands called Isola Bella, Isola Madre, and Isola dei Pescatori. These are the Isole Borromee, and this vision alone is enough to make anyone understand why Stresa is so special. Since the nineteenth century this lake has been a holiday destination of choice for travelers from all around the world. Here is a place where art and nature exist together respectfully, where we are proud of our warm hospitality, where cultural and artistic events throughout the year offer entertainment and activities for all. The heart and soul of Stresa, and symbolic of its vitality is without a doubt the vast, tree-lined Piazza Marconi at the Embarcadero. Turn your back to the lake for a moment and look around you at the beautiful Neoclassical style buildings. The parish of Sant’Ambroglio is in front of you and to the right of the church is the celebrated Villa Ducale, built in 1770. This was the home of the philosopher Antonio Rosmini and also where Alessandro Manzoni stayed as his guest. Today the building is active as a center of Rosminiani studies. Travel a little further and you will find the modern Palazzo dei Congressi. Another place not to be missed is the 18th century Villa Pallavicino. The splendor here is all natural; the grand centuries old park rich with blooming plants has been transformed into a unique zoological garden where various species of animals, including some exotic ones such as ostrich and kangaroo live peacefully together. Continue a little further, to the outskirts of Stresa, at Gignese, for a panoramic vision of Lake Maggiore. Visit The Alpine Gardens here at Gignese, rich with mountain plants and workshops, and also the home of the very curious Museum of Umbrellas, where you can examine umbrellas and raingear from all eras. And don’t forget about the modern cablecar railway joining Stresa to the top of Mottorone. Take the 18 minute ride to the top to experience exciting skiing in the winter, biking in the summer and exhilarating views year round. Then there are prestigious annual events to look forward to; the competition for the Franco Verganti Prize in April; the Cattedra Rosmini at the end of August; the weeks-long International Music Festival in August and September; and the European Stamp Exhibition in the first ten days of September. Something for everyone, all through the year, and always, eternally, the beauty and wonder of Lake Maggiore and Stresa, the pearl of the lake.



Villa Pallavicino Park is surely one of the unforgettable places in the charming town of Stresa. The 20 hectare park is a feast for the eyes with tree lined paths, constantly blooming flower beds, and a botanical garden. Llamas, kangaroos, zebras, flamingos, and more; there are over 40 species of exotic animals and birds living here wild in a wide natural environment. Spend an afternoon at the picnic areas and children’s playground; the park is open to the public daily.

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